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Todays review is for one of my all-time favorite reds! It is from OPI and called, Color So Hot It Berns (Swiss Collection, fall 2010). Reds and I usually don’t get along, but there is something about this color that I just love! You might have read me gush about this on Facebook.. now you can see why!

Color So Hot It Berns is described by OPI as, “warm red.” This is anything but warm. Its a bright red creme. I love, love, love this color and the formula! The formula is PHENOMENAL! Believe it, or not, but this only needs one coat of polish. I just love it! And no lobster hands, which is a major issue I have when wearing red.

For the photos below, I used one coat of Color So Hot It Berns.

Since Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, a perfect red to wear is Color So Hot It Berns, from OPI. I haven’t seen the Swiss Collection since the summer, but if you go dusty hunting, I guarantee you can find it! And if you already have this.. don’t you just love it? ♥

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