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Step 1 | Cleanse
Remove polish. Don’t rub! Saturate cotton ball, hold down for 5 seconds and pull forward. Works every time. Might have to hold cotton down longer for stubborn glitter!

Step 2 | Shape
File nail to mirror your cuticle. Never file back and forth. This can cause peeling and breakage.

Step 3 | Exfoliate
One a week, buff your nails. It gently removes the dead nail and makes for a great base to set your manicure.

Step 4 | Cuticle Treatment
Use cuticle remover, to soften up area, then remove dead skin and push back cuticles. Add cuticle oil after to hydrate. Use hand cream. Massage into nails also!

Step 5 | Finish
Use a base coat. Helps to keep manicure long lasting. Paint nails as usual and make sure to paint the tip! Topcoat like usual. 

*Video courtesy of Deborah Lippmann

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