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When I opened my April It-Girl Maven Box, from Julep, there were cute toe separators and a ton of milk chocolate eggs on top of my polish. So cute! This month, I stuck with my original style profile, the It-Girl, which included three polishes. They are Niecy, Penelope and Jessica.

Niecy is described as a, “bright pink creme.” I’ve really been into red and magentas lately, so this was a real treat. Niecy was vibrant and bright (not neon) and very fun to wear. The formula was wonderful and easy to apply. A perfect spring pink!

For the photos below, I used two coats of Niecy.

Penelope is described as an, “opaque, almost white creme, with a hint of blush.” The color was more of a light pastel pink, rather than a white. I really love the soft color. Penelope is in the running to be worn on my wedding day! This polish really surprised me! I wasn’t expecting much from such a light color. But to my surprise, it was easy to work with and became opaque in nearly two coats, I used three to be safe.

For the photos below, I used three coats of Penelope.

Jessica was the color I really wanted to try most. I pretty much got the It-Girl for this color. I love blues and cremes, but was worried it would take a million coats, since its so light. Nope! Two coats! Jessica is described as a, “baby blue soft creme.” Gorgeous, gorgeous blue. And the formula was wonderful. To date, this is my favorite Julep polish!

For the photos below, I used two coats of Jessica.

As always, I was thrilled by my Julep Maven Box. The three polishes (Niecy, Penelope and Jessica) were gorgeous and well worth the $20 price, considering each polish alone costs $14.

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For more information on Julep, or the Maven program, see their website,