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Today’s review is for the summer 2013 OPI Bond Girls Collection (preview here), which include six new Liquid Sand™ colors. I’m personally not a huge fan of textured polish in general, but these colors are so pretty, I couldn’t help but enjoy wearing them. I have to say, these are all extremely sparkly in person, but didn’t photograph well. Please keep in mind, Liquid Sand™ lacquers should always be worn without top coat.


1/6 • Solitaire
This is described as, “diamond-sparkling white.” Gorgeous! Its very dainty and subtle silver-white. The Liquid Sand™ effect gives Solitaire a little something extra to really make this polish sparkle! I can see this being worn to weddings and other dressy occasions. The formula was wonderful and became opaque in two coats, which is unheard of for a white.

For the photo below, I used two coats of Solitaire.


2/6 • Pussy Galore
This is described as, “light feminine pink.” The name bothers me.. to be honest its a bit offensive and I don’t feel comfortable even saying it. Aside from that, I like everything else about this polish. The pastel pink color is feminine and girly, plus the Liquid Sand™ formula applied perfectly.

For the photo below, I used two coats of Pussy Galore.


3/6 • Tiffany Case
This is described as, “classic light blue.” Its more of a medium-dark blue. This polish is also different that the rest in the collection. It has large silver glitter, which you can clearly notice.. in person at least (but a little in pictures). I liked the silver glitter, it made the color very mermaid-esque. Very cute!

For the photo below, I used two coats of Tiffany Case.


4/6 • Honey Ryder
This is described as, “shimmery gold.” Love it! This is my favorite of the collection. This is so sparkly, it even shimmers in shadows. I highly recommend this if your new to textured polish. 

  • NOTE: This was very messy when removing.

For the photo below, I used two coats of Honey Ryder.


5/6 • Jinx 
This is described as, “matte coral.” I really love this color! Its gorgeous and changes color (coral, orange, yellow & red) depending on the light. However, Zoya Destiny is a nearly identical texture polish, also released this summer.

For the photo below, I used two coats of Jinx.


6/6 • Vespa
Please don’t hate me OPI.. but.. I don’t particularly like this polish. There! I said it! Vespa is described as, “deep purple.” For the record, the color is a gorgeous deep wine and absolutely stunning in the bottle. However, the texture was different and didn’t dry with a matte finish like the rest in this collection. It was more of a semi-matte, which was unique, but wasn’t up to the Liquid Sand™ standards. This polish itself was watery and thin, compared to the others, so I had to apply more polish for full coverage (and it still looked patchy). Maybe I’ll show Vespa some love in the future and keep you updated!

For the photo below, I used three coats of Vespa.


Bond Girls by OPI will be available May 2013 at Professional Salons, including Beauty Brands, Chatters, JCP Salons, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, and ULTA, for a retails price of $9.00 (US) each. For more information, visit Follow OPI on Twitter (@OPI_PRODUCTS) and become a Facebook fan!

Disclosure: Product provided by for an honest review.  

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